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Tips to bring the spa to your bathroom

Are you seeing an increased demand in people wanting to give their bathrooms a refresh this year/make more into a spa-like space?

Yes, I have seen an increase in my clients’ focus on their homes in general and in particular in their bathrooms. I have found that my clients are looking to replicate the feeling of the spa in their own homes, especially now that many have not been able to travel or to have their usual spa treatments. During this time, I have really enjoyed helping them transform their bathrooms into spaces where they can finally unwind and relax after a long and sometimes a very stressful day.

What are 2-3 easy ways people can give their bathroom a refresh and make it feel like a new or upgraded space that don’t involve any renovations? Do you have any examples of a time you’ve done this for a client?

Changing your bathroom lighting is one of the easiest and biggest impacts you can make in your bathroom to set a more calming mood. If budget constraints are a concern or if you cannot change your lighting fixtures then swapping out light bulbs for more flattering soft white, pink or amber colored light bulbs will work wonders. Layering in candle lighting is also crucial in boosting the calm quotient in your bath.

Along with candles, I also like to add in as many mirrored, reflective and sparkling surfaces as possible in order to further bounce light around the room. Refreshing and decluttering your countertop bath products is not only visually pleasing but also increases the spa-like vibes too. I like to encourage my clients to merchandize their bath and beauty products like they are at a luxury cosmetics counter. Think about beautifully displaying your nighttime skincare products on a mirrored tray, using soap dispensers, and stashing other products in closed baskets. Increasing organization while still considering style is key to creating a clean, clear and calm bathroom environment without making a huge investment.

Do you have any additional tips on changes people can make or things they can add to their bathroom to give it a more calming, spa-like vibe?

Engaging and considering the senses is another way that I help to create a home spa experience. For smell, I recommend not only using candles, but also adding fragrant flowers like lavender or lilacs, and try using the shockingly effective Poo~Pourri before flushing. Our appetite for touch is fulfilled by incorporating lush textiles like Havly towels which I like because they have neat loops for hanging and more sanitary drying. The sense that is unfortunately often neglected in the bathroom is sound. I like to address this issue by using speakers and other sound tech gadgets designed specifically for wet spaces.

Are there any common changes people make when refreshing their bathroom that you would actually advise against, or any “mistakes” that make the space feel less calming?

Common mistakes I find include using a shower curtain that is too short, not having enough mirrors and sometimes not having any art at all. All of these oversights result in a missed opportunity to really boost the calm factor. I have also noticed that body positive and affirming objects which enhance our wellbeing and sense of calm are unfortunately lacking in many of my clients’ bathrooms. I encourage my clients to remove triggers like scales and instead why not hang a Rayo & Honey mirror which has the avowing words of Maya Angelou, “You are Enough” inscribed along its border.

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